Simons Puerto Rico Winter School in Computational Physics

Dates: January 16–January 20, 2024
Location: University of Puerto Rico—Piedras


The Simons Puerto Rico Winter School in Computational Physics is a Simons-funded collaboration among the University of Puerto Rico, Brown University, and the Simons Flatiron Institute to host a one-week institute on the UPR Piedras campus during which UPR undergraduates will learn about a wide range of computational physics topics from leading experts.

The school will consist of general interest lectures from both Brown and UPR faculty followed by computational practica during which students will have the opportunity to engage in programming activities and interact with practitioners. Initial lectures will focus on the microscopic world of quantum, chemical, and biophysics before transcending scales to more macroscopic topics in astrophysics, high energy physics, and climate physics.

In addition to exposing students to the breadth of computational physics research, the school will also serve as an opportunity to connect UPR undergraduates with researchers who can subsequently serve as research mentors.


  • January 16th: Stephon Alexander (Brown) - Introduction to Computational Physics and the Brown-UPR Winter School.
  • January 16th: Carlos Vicente (UPR) - Why Now Is the Time to Study Quantum Computing.
  • January 20th: Brad Marston (Brown) - Quantum Physics of Climate Change and Climate Solutions. (Open to the Public)

Full Schedule

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